volcano park hawaii
volcano park hawaii

Possibly no one would disagree that witnessing a volcanic eruption from a safe distance is one of the most awe-inspiring displays in nature. As such, a tour of an active volcano, even during the periods of minimal activity would be an electrifying experience for the daring.

Would you get this close to a volcano steam vent?
Would you get this close to a volcano steam vent?


The thrill of seeing see lava and ash flow from the furnaces of the earth is enough to excite almost anyone. This tour is a great chance to see volcanic activity from up-close. From the dark grey smoke trails of fumes that pour their way out small orifices to the red lava that find its way through the crevices, the gurgling monster that is the Kilauea Volcano is sure to revive your respect for nature.


What’s Included?

The Big Island Volcano Tour from Oahu is a day trip to Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park. Here, visitors will be able to see the recently erupted Kilauea Volcano in all its might and grandeur, towering towards the heavens.

volcano in the background oahu volvano
Just chilling 🙂

With this tour, visitors will get an up close and personal experience with the Kilauea. Of course, there are a few other fun goodies thrown in too, including a visit to a Macadamia Nut Factory and a Kona Coffee shop.

While that’s only three activities, combined this trip lasts a day, and keeps you engaged, so expect to be entertained for a very long time!

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