Are you a movie buff? A Hollywood fan boy or fan girl? What if you could experience the thrill of reliving some of your favorite movies where they were actually shot! Well, with Kauai Movie Sites Tour, this dream is a possibility.

Jurassic Park movie sites
Jurassic Park movie sites

This tour offers guests the chance to experience a piece of Hollywood on location at some of the top movie sites over the past few decades. All you need to do is get ready to conjure up that imagination and relax as your tour guide leads you through the most filmed sites on Kauai.


What You Can Expect

The tour lasts for six hours and explores the famous movie sites of Kauai, including the famed Kaʻaʻawa Valley, known as the ‘Backlot of Hawai’I’. A true Hollywood-themed adventure, your knowledgeable guide will not only show you filming locations, but there is the chance to enjoy amazing sceneries along the way.

What’s more, as you hop from site to site, you’ll also watch clips of some of the most notable movies filmed on the island. Since the tour lasts for all of six hours and includes an amazing list of activities, lunch is included and is had at the famous Tahiti Nui, where part of George Clooney’s 2011 film, The Descendants, was shot.

How About The Experience?

This tour is a fascinating narrated adventure through the shades of Hollywood; thorough which you will see where movies, such as Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tropic Thunder and many more, have been filmed over the years.

Wailua Falls
Wailua Falls..Tropic Thunder is a great movie!

The complete itinerary includes 13 iconic Kauai movie locations and is as follows:

List of sites visited and which movies/shows were filmed there (+Indicates a stop):

  • Wailua Falls – Fantasy Island, Dragonfly, Castaway Cowboy andThe Amazing Race
  • Wailua Falls+ – Tropic Thunder (great movie!)
  • Hanamalu Bay+ – Donovan’s Reef, Pagan Love Song, Six Days Seven Nights and Voodoo Island
  • Opaekaa Falls+ – Donovan’s Reef, Lt. Robin Crusoe, USN andSeven Women from Hell
  • Coco Palms+ – Blue Hawaii, Fantasy Island, She Gods of Shark Reef, DinocrocvsSupergator and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
  • Kauai Sands Beach+ – Tropic Thunder
  • Kappa Town – Jurassic Park
  • Aliomanu+ – Six Days Seven Nights and Voodoo Island
  • Moloaa Bay+ – Gilligan’s Island and Castaway Cowboy
  • Tahiti Nui+ -The Descendants
  • Hanalei Valley – Uncommon Valor
  • Hanalei Bay+ – Miss Sadie Thompson
  • Hanalei Pier+ – Miss Sadie Thompson, Wackiest Ship in the Army, South Pacific, Beachhead and Acapulco Gold

At each stop, the guide will delve into insiders’ information about the movie including its development, issues, characters, special events, bloopers, etc.

Hanalei Bay
Hanalei Bay

Each stop is different as the tour takes on the atmosphere and themes of each movie. It’s as if one were reliving the movie again, however from backstage. The plot is thicker, the memories come alive and a film on a screen become somewhat of a real event.


Special Perks?

This tour takes visitors around in air-conditioned minibus and includes several exceptionally stunning sites along the way, including sparkling turquoise bays, white sandy beaches, lush forests and plunging waterfalls that have set Kauai as the crème de la crème of movie sites in Hawaii. As such, if you’re not a film aficionada, going along just to see the sites will be well worth it too.

A favourite tour stop-Jurrasic Park
A favourite tour stop-Jurrasic Park

So, how about it? How about watching your films become a reality? Indeed, this tour is not simple about seeing how movie-magic happens, but to experience the fusion of fiction and reality in the backdrop of the familiar phrase, lights, camer