The Cutest Kitties You’ve Ever Seen

Hello cat lovers, what if you could spend the day surrounded by your favorite little animals? What better way to enjoy the company of adorable little kitties than at a cat sanctuary?

One of the most popular attractions in Hawaii, the Lanai Cat Sanctuary (formerly Lanai Animal Rescue Centre) is a non-profit organization that cares for over 380 homeless cats.

These little guys are a clear reflection of the sanctuary's raison d'etre.
These little guys are a clear reflection of the sanctuary’s raison d’etre.


Why Was It Started?

The shelter was started in 2008 when two friends Kathy Carroll and Loretta Hellrung decided to do something about the island’s rapidly increasing wild cat population. Today, the shelter is a prime example of what a little compassion and hope can create.


A Complete Home

Set on two acres of land, the sanctuary is safely enclosed with fencing and includes several buildings with hideouts and perches for the cats to relax. There is also plenty of shelter for the cats to escape the harsher elements of the weather.

Lanai cat sanctuary
Offering tender care is always a warm gesture…

Indeed, the sanctuary creates a peaceful and comfortable home for these animals. They receive plenty of food and water and regular grooming from the local school children who have grown to love the kitties.

Children at Lanai cat sanctuary
Yep, kids love kitties!

First impression, you’ll see some cats sitting around, some playing frantically, some sleeping, some relaxing in the shade, some snoozing in the sun and others lounging in trees.


Open Air Sanctuary

The entire sanctuary is open air, so you won’t experience the scent of cat urine. There’s even a cat latrine system that was created with loose dirt and grass.


A Fun Family Outing

The sanctuary is a truly happy cat haven, a great place to take the family to meets the furry ones.  You can pat them, hug them and you can walk them; some will even snuggle with you. It’s a great way to teach your children about compassion and stewardship.

So many cats to show love
So many cats to show love

The best part, many say they are   the cutest and cuddliest cats that they’ve ever seen. No wonder some visitors even choose the island of Lanai as their vacation destination just so they can visit the little kitties.


How You Can Visit Lanai Cat Sanctuary

Via The Four Seasons

Lanai is a small island and getting around is not necessarily hard. Arrangements may be made at the Four Seasons to visit the sanctuary.  They are open every day from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

By Yourself

If you wish to travel by yourself, then you’ll want to head to Kaunolu Road, i.e. the second dirt road after the airport, on Kaumalapau Highway. Then, turn left on Kaunolu (you will see “KAUNOLU” engraved on a big boulder). Drive up the hill and soon you will see the sanctuary on your right.


How Much Does It Cost?

You won’t be charged a dime! In fact, if available, a volunteer will pick you up and bring you to the sanctuary.

The sanctuary is a community project and is free of charge as mentioned, as such, it’s always a good idea to help out. Whether it’s with grooming the animals, a little gardening or paining, it will be appreciated.

Alternatively, you can pledge a donation. In fact, you can even adopt a cat and take it home. If you’re a cat lover, you should consider supporting one of the little kitties.

Aren’t they adorable?
Aren’t they adorable?


The cats at Lanai Sanctuary wouldn’t leave if the door was left wide open for them; and when you go, you might not want to leave either.