molokai burger

With a tiny population and a struggling economy, quite plainly, there’s not much to do in Molokai, especially when compared to other places in Hawaii. This is not necessarily bad as it means this has earned Molokai the reputation as the ‘Most Hawaiian Island’, unspoiled by rampant development. Indeed, it’s a great pace indulge in the gifts of nature.

As such, finding exquisite culinary options in Molokai is unlikely. However, delicious plates can be found here in the form of home-style burger patties, cheeseburgers, French fries and shakes. These can be had at Molokai Burgers. Molokai Burger is located just at the beginning of Kaunakakai or at the Mile 0 marker of Molokai just six miles from the airport.


What To Expect

Molokai Burgers is one of those cozy little eateries. This place is a regular go-to for many folks with its convenient location and friendly staff. There’s a nice little seating area outside as well as a drive-through window. In many ways, Molokai Burger is not unlike most standard American fast food establishments. Yet, with its Hawaiian flair, it is in many ways different. Although the presentation seems similar to what you would see at any other fast food restaurant, the Hawaiian element creates that special, unique taste.



Service is of great importance here, as seen in the way guests are treated. The local ladies who serve are friendly, and very professional, delivering good service with a smile. Peculiarly though, it’s one of those paces with creatively named choices, including their burgers. You’ll have to ask the servers what’s included to get a better idea of what you’re having apart from a fancy name.



The food here is said to be flavorful and delicious. Favorite items on the menu are the BBQ Bacon Burger, the mushroom burger, the Teri Chicken Salad (or plate) and the sweet potato fries with their special fry sauce.

Here, you’ll enjoy fries, crunchy and warm on the outside with soft inside. Have some chicken sandwich, paniolo burger, spring rolls, French fries and tarter tots, double cheese burger, hamburger patty and the noodle bun. As you would expect there’s also the Molokai burger, laden with meat and served with soft, delicious bun and fresh, flavorful toppings. There’s also the Paniolo Burger, flame-broiled with onion rings, cheese, lettuce and BBQ sauce.

The best part is, almost everything here is wholesome and fresh as most the ingredients are grown in Hawaii. As an example, they use homegrown beef grown and bred on the island, which makes it that more special.



If you’re planning an event such as a birthday party or small gathering, Molokai Burgers will accommodate you. Speak to them in advance and you’ll find they will go beyond to make the occasion special.

In terms of setting and ambiance, this place was overtly stellar, but its not meant to be. Its about good eats and a nice place to enjoy the a/c for a while after a long ride. The food is made upon your order so it’s nice and fresh and warm when you eat. However, be sure the cooks are paying attention as sometimes they get distracted talking to the locals and can overcook the burger and bun.