Sputing Horn Puts On Quite A Water Show!

There are so many exciting, natural signs on Kauai. One of them is the astonishing natural wonder of the Spouting Horn blowhole.

Spouting-Horn-Kauai-Hawaii from a distance_compressedThis popular attraction is one of Kauai’s favorite spots. In fact, the squirting hole is one of the most photographed spots on all of Kauai. Here, you can witness the delightful blowhole spout a plume of sea water into the air.


What Is It Like?

The Spouting Horn appears very much like a geyser; however, the ocean is the source of the water. The dramatic spouts are created when waves are forced under the lava shelf and burst a huge spout of water through an opening in the rocky surface.

This normally happens during large swells. The dramatic spout of water produces a slight roar and after-hiss as the water crashes against the rock and then recedes to the ocean.

The water may spout as far as 50 feet into the air.
The water may spout as far as 50 feet into the air.

Depending on the weather conditions, the ocean conditions and the tide, the sprouting may propel water as far as 50 feet (15m) into the air!

In addition, the Poipu coastline is also a great vantage point to look for humpback whales during whale watching season, typically between December and May. In the evenings, you can also witness luminous Hawaiian sunset.


The Lizard Legend

When water ‘erupts’ from the holes, it makes a rather loud groan, some say the sound of the water crashing down on the lava rock is unbelievable. This noise is of course due to air being forced out the hole, however native Hawaiians hold a popular legend of a growling large lizard being trapped underneath, accounting for the sound.


Spouting Horn Park

There’s a small park and lookout point at Spouting Horn where you can relax and view the calm ocean.

Spouting Horn Park
Spouting Horn Park



Available are restrooms and picnic tables.


How to Get There

From Highway 50 go South on Highway 520; then take the right fork in the road onto Koloa Road. Next, take the left (South) onto Poipu Road. Finally, take a right (West) on Lawai Road. You’ll see the signs from there, and proceed approx. one mile..

The hole is located near Poipu Beach on the island’s south coast (cross from the parking entrance to the National Tropical Botanical Gardens.), surprisingly, access to Spouting Horn Park is quite easy and convenient. In fact, you’ll find ample parking close by.

For the more adventurous, you can get clear aerial views of Spouting Horn and several other attractions in Kauai with the Vintage Biplane Tour of Kauai.


Official location: Lawai Rd, Poipu HI 96756

Parking lot
Parking lot

Don’t venture Too Far

For the adventurous, you may be tempted to explore the rocky area near the entrance of the blow-hole, you should note that it is quite dangerous. Please pay attention to and respect the warning signs and guardrails.