Oahu, the True Heart of Hawaii

Blessed with unsurpassed natural beauty spanning an intriguing city, verdant rain-forests, pastoral hillsides and stunning beaches, Oahu is a delightful traveler’ paradise. The most populous of the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu is the heartbeat of Hawaii, complete with all the necessary elements needed for the quintessential Hawaiian visit.


Oahu Overview

Oahu is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands and is generally recognized as the cultural, commercial, and touristic hub of Hawaii. Oahu is not only home of the popular city of Honolulu, the state capital, but is also home to almost three-fourth of the state’s population; and is therefore dubbed “The Gathering Place.”

Honolulu City
Honolulu City

Clear turquoise waters, unwavering sunny skies, and warm, friendly people are just a few reasons people from all over the world return to Ouha year after year. From the depths of Oahu’s pristine waters to the heights of its tallest peak, visitors will experience the islands’ enchanting magic from the moment of arrival and throughout the days as they become attuned to the charms of an island unlike any other place in the world.


Oahu Highlights

Being the heart of the state, Oahu’s Honolulu is Hawaii’s only reminder of a large metropolitan city. With the typical hustle and bustle of city life, Honolulu provides the standard amenities of a large city; including sizzling nightlife, luxury accommodationgourmet restaurants and a variety of shopping options.

Honolulu at Night
Honolulu Makani at Night

Beyond the metropolitan scene however, the touristic scene of Hawaii includes extensive beaches, parks, other recreational areas, and quaint towns with friendly folk.

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How to Get To Oahu

Oahu’s visitors will soon feel the allure of this city as they arrive at the Honolulu International Airport (HNL), Hawaii’s major airport.  HNL serves as the entry point for most of Hawaii’s visitors. Since Oahu services as Hawaii’s entry point, travelers can get to and from HNL from just about anywhere in the world.


When to Go To Oahu

Boasting a tropical-marine like climate likened only to the warm Caribbean, the isle of Oahu sees excellent weather all year round. As such, many would argue that anytime of the year is a good time to visit. The average temperature here generally falls between 75˚-85˚ F as trade winds keep things comfortable year-round.

Although temperatures and other conditions are generally stable, there may be slight variations as the seasons change. During the summer, i.e. April to September, it’s generally warmer while during the winter, i.e. December to March, it tends to be a tad cooler. Otherwise, temperatures are usually stable.


Getting Around Oahu

Getting around Oahu is like travelling around in any major town or city in the north; when close to Honolulu. Modes of transportation include vehicle rentals and private tour excursions.

Most tourists opt to reserve a rental vehicle from the Honolulu International Airport before or on arrival. Others may opt to secure the services of a tour company for airport pickups and private tours as a convenient way to explore the island.  In addition, private taxis are available. Calling for pick-ups via hotel concierge or phone is a norm in Oahu.


Accommodation Choices In Oahu

Being home to the city of Honolulu, finding a great accommodation options in Oahu is nearly never a problem.

The Grand Aulani Disney Resort & Spa
The Grand Aulani Disney Resort & Spa

The city boasts a wide array of options including villas, condos, boutiques, rental cottages, timeshares, bed and breakfasts hotels, and luxury resorts. Most accommodation options may be found in Waikiki, Honolulu’s busiest district.


Oahu Activities/Things to Do

The Gathering Place, Oahu has it all. From white sandy beaches to notable historical sites, the island is a traveler’s dream; complete with plenty to do and several places to see.

While home to the historically significant Perl Harbor, Oahu has stepped into the modern arena with a variety of boutiques, gourmet restaurants, historical sites and several other attractions.

Ala Moana Beach Park, Honolulu
Ala Moana Beach Park, Honolulu

As most visitors will find themselves in Waikiki, they will find several things to do just minutes from their hotel/resort.  Popular activities include:

  • Surfing: Surfing is the “Sport of Kings” in Hawaii and Oaku is the surfing capital. Oahu’s four coasts each contain their own unique surf culture with world class wave and experienced surfers.
  • Other Water Related Activities: Other visitors may enjoy canoe rides or diving, swimming or snorkeling along the Waikiki Beach.
  • Fine Dining: With a variety of renowned restaurants, Hawaii boast an excellent dining scene featuring some of the best, unique gourmet dishes, many rivaling that found anywhere else in the world.

    Oahu North Shore Surfing
    Oahu North Shore Surfing
  • Arts, History and Culture: Though a vacation destination, Hawaii does possess its fair share of historical significance. Historical places of interest include Perl Harbor, Iolani Palace, the iconic King Kamehameha Statue and Kawaiahao Church. Oahu also hosts several cultural festivals and other culturally related events throughout the year. The Aloha Festivals are particularly notable.
  • Nightlife: Oahu’s glitzy, yet relaxed nightlife scene includes nightclubs, live musical shows and live stand-up comedy. While there are several nightclubs, it’s common for an event to be staged at the Waikiki Shell, an outdoor concert venue.                         Still, for those with a more refined taste, the Neal Blaisdell Center often hosts events such as the Honolulu Symphony and the Hawaii Opera Theatre.
Vince Nightclub Honolulu
Vince Nightclub Honolulu

Still, nowhere comes alive at night as downtown Honolulu where various cultural and musical festivals are common. Other entertainment options include plays and blockbuster movies shown at the Consolidated Ward Theater.  Completing the nightlife scene are shopping centers and restaurant complexes.

With beauty unrivaled and fame unwavering, Oahu invites you to immerse yourself in paradise as your dream vacation awaits you.