The Red Water Café claims to be inspired by its aim to offer opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy dining and catering of the finest cuisine.

Here, you’ll enjoy personal chef services, in the form of creative multi-cultural dishes including Hawaii regional, Asian inspired and other cuisines.


What To Expect

The Red Water Café has a distinctive style. It’s a warm and inviting place that features live music and an ambiance enlightened by wood accents and attractively lit.

Just chill
Just chill…

The café holds the distinction of being solely farmer fresh produce. It is for this and other reason that the café is often quite busy. In fact, you may very well meet up on a line, but guests are often promptly seated.

To create that soothing ambiance, they often have a musician playing jazz and creating a sensational atmosphere. The ambiance here is reminiscent of the old Fujimama’s sushi restaurant with dark wooded interior and a rather quaint, impeccably clean salt water fish tank.


The Chef

From private service to helming high-profile resort kitchens, David Abrahams is a high-profile chef passionate about his craft.

He is one to take risks as seen in his serving dishes that adopt flavors from cuisines worldwide. At the Red Water Café, youll get the chance to share a meal from the hands of a brilliant culinary specialist.


A Menu of Fresh Produce

The ingredients used to produce menu items are said to be fresh and the food skillfully flavored. This creates an intriguing menu of mouthwatering items including a couple of cocktails and some tasty, chilled, edamame.

Lunch: Lunch here resembles a fast food menu, but with better ingredients. Guests get that appeasing taste, except the bloating effect.

Volcano Spiced Opah
Volcano Spiced Opah

Popular choices include Cuban with French fries, pastrami, Fuji Rolls, Spider Rolls, Sashimi Platters, Warm spinach and Swiss Chard Salad, Thai Caeser Salad, Local Beet Salad, Coconut Tomato Bisque and Miso Soup.  Still, there are healthier choices including the Vegetable Nabemono Miso, Ahi Salad and Local Veggie Salad with Avocado and Chicken.

Apple banana tempura
Apple banana tempura

There is one lunch special that is raved about, the Kansas City Angus rib-eye steak with mashed potatoes.  Other American type favorites include the Red Water Burger and Guava BBQ Pork Sandwich and fries. There are also Hawaiian specials that feature grilled banana wrapped fresh catch with shiso and lemon zest aioli.


Dinner: For most guests, complimentary edamame, mixed with garlic, siracha and fish sauce begins the dining experience.

How about some seafood_compressed
How about some seafood

Make no mistake, the edamame served here is often reordered several times. With that, you get to choose from an extensive beer and wine list. Then, comes the appetizers, tempura mushrooms and sweet potatoes anyone?

Fish sandwich with scrumptious Asian slaw
Fish sandwich with scrumptious Asian slaw

For the main course, the Red Water Café serves items of outstanding flavor. Moreover, many such items are made with natural ingredients. The spicy basil & shrimp rice wok and the Thai ceasar salad are good examples.

The salad itself has a bright, mouthwatering dressing of lemongrass & kaffir lime all topped with fried calamari.

House smoked pork chops
House smoked pork chops

Another popular choice is the New York, served with swiss chard, sauteed onions, potatoes, smoked pork, and topped with a couple onion rings.

Desert: Red Water Cafe’s deserts are the perfect ending to perfect meals. Top recommendations include the creme brullee, sushi, the yuzu sake, the curry chicken rolls, the Thai Caesar salad and the ribeye.


Catering Services

The café caters to special events such as weddings, parties and other gatherings. Not only do they prepare, but they deliver and or provide serving services if required.


It is not uncommon to witness guest here gorging themselves in their entire plate, save nothing. After a meal and a few drinks, diners often kick back, relax and enjoy the lively ambiance reminiscing on the experience just passed.