Waimea Falls

Waimea Falls in Oahu is part of the Waimea Valley Conservation Park.  The valley is so rooted in Hawaiian history that is one of the last ahupua’a  (traditional native Hawaiian term for subdivision) that remains intact.

For more than 700 years, the Waimea Valley and its 1,875 acres of land have been deeply rooted and sacred in Hawaiian culture, lore and history. Waimea means “Valley of the Priests”. In 2006, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs acquired the area and in 2008 the Hi’Paka LLC, which was created for this sole purpose, was given responsibility for care and the deed to the land.


The Walk through Waimea Falls

Some people might call this a “hike” but it’s nothing more than a casual stroll.  The entire distance, round trip from start to finish is just about 1.5 miles long from the ticket booth to the waterfall area.

Waimea Falls OahuAlong the way you’ll have the opportunity to visit and observe several Hawaiian archaeological sites from ancient times.  There are 78 sites along the route and on the lands which include shrines, other religious sites, fishponds and agricultural terraces.

There are 150 acres of Botanical Gardens in the Waimea Valley which contain thousands of tropical and subtropical types of fauna.  There are even some specimens of endangered Hawaiian plants. The wildlife is a major highlight of the walk through the valley.

There are endangered birds and fish along the way and even jungle fowl, which is wild rooster and chicken.  Do not try to bring any pets into the valley.  They will not be allowed due to the danger they may present to the wildlife.

hawaii jungle fowlOnly service animals are allowed. Of course, the gem at the end of the walk is beautiful at the end.  You’ll be able to swim in the pool below the falls as long as the weathe is cooperating.  Life vests are available for free use and lifeguards are on hand.




  • $15 for adults
  • $7.50 for children 4-12 years old
  • $7.50 for seniors
  • $10 for military adults
  • $5.00 for military children
  • $5.00 for military seniors.